Loans For Tenants

Loans For Tenants

Unfortunately homeowners can often get a slightly lower interest rates because you can secure the loan against the equity in your property. But, with the ever increasing cost of a home, more individuals are choosing to rent or stay at home with their parents. Because of this loans for tenants are becoming more readily available, with a large number of lenders offering competitive loans for tenants to non-homeowners that are up there to rival most homeowner loans.

Our loans for tenants service can help you, regardless of your bad credit history good or bad, we can provide you with a range of deals to suit your needs. Simply complete the quick online applications and once you are approved for your tenant loan, you will generally only need to provide:

a recent payslip
a recent bank statement
proof of your identity

Use your tenant loan for whatever you want, whether it's that dream holiday you've always wanted or a new car that you desperately need. Just fill out the application form for your fast unsecured loan today

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About Our Loans For Tenants

loans for tenants are unsecured personal loans for people who do not have a mortgage or anything to secure a loan against. Unfortunately home owners can generally get a better rate as they can secure their home against the loan but more and more lenders are offering cheap unsecured loan rates that are extremely competitive against these. We have good relationships with a variety of lenders that can offer you a competitive rate and repayment period to suit your needs. If you have a good credit history, you should have no problems getting a tenant loan. Just complete the simple application form today so we can search our database for the right tenant loan for you. All we ask is for you to answer the questions below and we will contact you directly with an answer.

Your employment status
How much you want to borrow
Your preferred repayment period
The purpose of the loan

We can also provide bad credit tenant loans. For whatever reason you have bad credit, be it a CCJ, default or an IVA, we will work with brokers who specialise in lending to people with poor credit histories. All you need to do is fill in the simple form and a qualified tenant loans advisor will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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June 3, 2020
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